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Rumor: Solidworks on Mac OS X

There have long been rumors about Solidworks coming out on the Mac, but Solidworks Corporation has consistently denied them. In fact the company has spoken to us directly about the issue and denied that they were even interested in the Mac.


While it is very hard to tell from the image shown in this post, is claiming that Solidworks version 6.0 is running on Mac OS X. There is a picture of what looks like an X11 window running a solids modeling mechanical CAD application but the menu bar doesn’t say Solidworks and the icon in the dock for the running application is a generic blue cube.

There are other troubling aspects of this rumor post as well. The writer seems to think that Solidworks competes with ArchiCAD, a fully native — since the beginning of its existence — BIM program for the architectural market. It doesn’t!

However, the source of this story on is this blog post from coverage of Solidworks World 2010 where up on stage we seem to be looking at Solidworks presenters showing us something (which we relate to the screen shot) on an Apple iMac computer.

What is this iMac doing on stage at Solidworks World?

It seems to us that Solidworks Corporation clearly has some reason for that iMac on stage but it doesn’t necessarily mean new native Mac software. The company already makes some viewing software native on the Mac now and it could be related to that. We’ll have to dig into this further but we definitely wanted to post this interesting nugget now!

To more information about Solidworks go here.

Reader Comments

  1. More than likely this image and the purpose of the iMac was to show off some of Solidworks’ cloud computing technologies which are touched on here on Rob Rodgriguez’ blog site.

    It would be nice to see Solidworks itself native on Mac OS X, but we have been told by the company that the application is so intensively developed around Microsoft’s technologies that it would be a very challenging port.

  2. Posted by:
    February 4, 2010 02:13 pm EST

    My understanding is that they have created a cloud computing version that
    can run on Mac, Linux, Windows and some other OS as well.
    This I gathered from a blog on
    I don’t know about the technicalities involved, but if it works as well or better than SW 09, then it should work for the majority of MCAD users. For my workflow this would make it
    possible for me to drop Windows OS altogether, possibly save me 100s of dollars ever year, and save time.

  3. Another good set of information on the Solidworks World 2010 announcements just made. Solidworks in the cloud means new tools on new platforms, including the Mac.

  4. Posted by:
    February 4, 2010 05:01 pm EST

    Some good coverage at Ricky Jordan’s blog…

  5. Another good set of information on the Solidworks World 2010 announcements just made. Solidworks in the cloud means new tools on new platforms, including the Mac.

  6. […] original post here: Rumor: Solidworks on Mac OS X | Architosh Share and […]

  7. Posted by:
    Tom Fenn
    February 17, 2010 12:23 pm EST

    Sorry Anthony, I couldn’t contain myself!!

    Joe Dunne, SolidWorks’ director of technical marketing, confirmed, “We’re working on several concepts. >>>>>One of the concepts is definitely running SolidWorks as a native Mac app, in addition to the no-install (browser-based) version … So you can run it on a Mac<<<<< or run on a Mac machine using a browser — take your pick.”


  8. We have published a new report from the latest news about SolidWorks on the Mac. Check it out here:

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