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Luxion introduces KeyShot rendering solution

Luxion introduces next evolution with KeyShot – advanced real-time interactive ray-tracing program.


As noted on Architosh earlier this year, Luxion is the company that ended up with the core technology behind Bunkspeed’s HyperShot after a licensing dispute emerged regarding patented rendering technology originally developed by Henrick Wann Jensen, who is chief scientist and co-founder of Luxion. While Bunkspeed went in a different direction and licensed iray technology from mental images, Luxion moved forward with its core technology and has now introduced HyperShot’s successor Luxion KeyShot.

The New KeyShot

KeyShot is a realtime, interactive ray tracing rendering program. It utilizes physically correct and CIE verified rendering engine technology featuring many innovations developed by 2004 Academy Award Winner Dr. Henrik Wann Jensen. The program is available immediately for purchase for both Mac and PC operating systems.

KeyShot breaks down the complexity of producing high-end photo-realistic rendered images and is particularly valuable to auto-design studios and product designers. It has also been used in architecture thanks to its SketchUp file support, though it is less ideal to that discipline. The program utilizes unbiased sampling techniques that compute mathematically correct results, generates scientifically accurate materials, multi-core photons and more.

01 - The new KeyShot by Luxion, advanced realtime rendering on Mac OS X.

KeyShot has a technology called Dynamic Light Core that allows users to see results at the same time as changes are being made. Combined with its general ease of use KeyShot gives users remarkable rendering power and speed, independent of the model size. The program supports many native file formats, including: SolidWorks, Rhino, OBJ, IGES, STEP, SketchUp and more.

KeyShot is the next advancement in the last evolution of HyperShot and includes these following key improvements:

  • Certification for Mac OS X Snow Leopard (v10.6)
  • Faster rendering speed
  • Improved overall image quality
  • Support for direct import of SolidWorks 2010 data
  • All new importer platform that includes support for IGES and STEP on Mac OS X
  • New high-quality HDRIs from and

“KeyShot is based on more than a decade of research in efficient rendering algorithms,” said Dr. Henrik Wann Jensen, Chief Scientist of Luxion. “Being able to create amazing images in realtime on any computer without specific requirements such as special graphics cards is the goal of our research. We have developed several novel algorithms that take full advantage of all the cores in modern CPUs in order to deliver the ultimate rendering tool for end users.”

KeyShot pricing starts at 995.USD, while KeyShot Pro begins at 1,995.USD. Educational and floating license versions are also available. Please contact [email protected] or for more information visit them on the web here: or

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