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Bunkspeed moves on with iray technology

Bunkspeed has found a replacement rendering future with mental images’ iray technology. The company has announced its new and upcoming Bunkspeed SHOT.


Bunkspeed announced that they are moving forward from their HyperShot product with next-generation iray technology from rendering technology company mental images. Iray technology will power Bunkspeed SHOT, which replaces HyperShot now that that product has moved onto Luxion.

Bunkspeed SHOT will be the company’s new revolutionary, easy-to-use, real-time photo-realistic rendering application. Bunkspeed SHOT uses either the CPU, GPU or both to deliver ultra-fast real-time ray tracing in a “virtual digital camera” workflow.

“mental images is very pleased that Bunkspeed has chosen  iray as their official rendering technology,” says Randy Ochs, Vice President of Business Development and Sales, North America for mental images. “We are excited that iray will allow users of the new Bunspeed SHOT to create accurate, photorealistic 3D images by harnessing the power of the GPU and Nvidia’s CUDA architecture for unbelievably fast photorealism.

Bunkspeed SHOT will available in the second quarter of 2010 and will be made available as a free 30 day trial.

To read more about this announcement go here.

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