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ARES CAD coming to Mac in 2010

ARES CAD for Mac coming later this year promises another option for CAD for Mac users.


Graebert GmbH of Germany has announced its ARES CAD program will be coming to the Mac platform in the second half of 2010. It is now in a closed beta loop.


ARES is the first CAD software to run natively across all three major operating systems: Windows, Mac and Linux. It is optimized for each respective platform and utilizes special features of each OS. According to the company ARES will be 3-5 times faster in operations such as open and save than other rival CAD packages. It will include its built-in VoiceNotes features for attaching notes to specific files, as well as 3D modeling features compliments of its ACIS geometry kernel and AutoCAD-compatible command line scripts.

ARES will include support for AutoCAD DWG 2009 and DWG 2010 native file formats, plus PDF, SVG, DXF, SAT, WMF, SLD, ESRI SHP and more file formats. It features over 400 commands and it extensible via Lisp, C, Delph, and C++.

ARES will ship in two versions. ARES for 495.USD and ARES Commander Edition for 995.USD. To learn more visit them on the web here.

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