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Tidbits: T-Splines, Cadsoft, ArchiOffice news

Mac CAD and 3D News: We have some tidbits on T-Splines Rhino training classes held on the web; an update on Cadalog’s SU Podium V2 beta 1 for existing customers; and ArchiOffice and EngineerOffice training events


T-Splines Training in 2010

T-Splines is offering a free webinar on February 4, 2010, 12:00 pm – 1:00 pm EST. Learn the basics of T-Splines for free in this webinar presented by Kyle Houchens (owner of The Outside Digital Art and Design) and Matt Sederberg (T-Splines co-founder). T-Splines for Rhino will be specifically shown as the presenters demonstrate the basics of using T-Splines inside Rhino to achieve the best organic modeling possible.

This event is perfect for you if you happen to be trying the T-Splines 30-day trial software package. To register go here:

Cadalog Introduces SU Podium V2 Beta

SU Podium is a new-ish and popular photo-realistic rendering plugin for Google’s SketchUp modeling program and Cadalog Inc. has anounced Beta 1 for Version 2 of SU Podium. It is available now for existing SU Podium users.

01 - Image of render from SU Podium V2 beta 1.

You can read about it here, get the release notes and download the beta 1 package. SU Podium v2 has a completely different rendering/raytracing engine than SU Podium v1. In some instances you will get higher quality images without adding reflectioni or other properties, just straight “out of the box.”

ArchiOffice  and EngineerOffice Training

BQE Software, Inc., has announced that they are offering existing customers “special offer” training classes on ArchiOffice or EngineerOffice. To ensure that customers are utilizing ArchiOffice and EngineerOffice to its fullest the new Guided Learning Sessions will help you tune up your skills and get ahead of the curve. There are three classes offered. They are only available until Jan 29, 2010. Customers can call 800-371-0130 x2 for more details and sign-up.

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