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Tidbits: first CAD in iPad, Ashar Vellum news

Mac CAD and 3D News: In this morning tidbits we have news of Graphite v8 Service Pack 2 with enhanced support for higher resolution printing on large format printers…and more, plus a WorldCAD Access item on CAD on iPad.


iPad for CAD

Over at WorldCAD Access Ralph Grabowski is asking the question of who will get their CAD software to work on iPad first? From what we recall there are already some basic vectorial drawing applications on the iPhone today. Do these count as CAD for iPad?

There is a mention (quoting Randall Newton of that perhaps it will be the ArchiCAD folks or the Vectorworks folks who will get their CAD on iPad first. The assumption here is likely because they already make OS X native CAD software and because they are big software companies and can afford porting over to the ARM platform. Hmmm…perhaps?

Anyway, I’d be curious from Architosh readers to know what they think about CAD on the iPad. Would you want to draw on it or just do CAD mark-up work, particularly in meetings and in the field? Let us know…comments below appreciated!

Ashlar Vellum News

Ashlar-Vellum has announced the release of Service Pack 2 for Graphite version 8, its top-tier precision 2D/3D wireframe CAD software package.

Highlights of Graphite V8 SP 2 include the ability to support large format printers at higher resolution, direct access to tutorials and sample files from within Graphite and numerous bug fixes and functional improvements.

Robert Bou, president of Ashlar-Vellum commented, “This service pack supports our customers’ demand for bigger and better output from their printers.” The SP 2 update is free to all registered Graphite v8 users, including those with Cobalt and Xenon v8 users with a courtesy license to Graphite.

Ashlar-Vellum is a industry leader in CAD and 3D solid modeling software used in a multitude of industries from architecture to industrial and product design. To learn more about their line of native Mac and Windows software visit them here.

Reader Comments

  1. Posted by:
    Tom Fenn
    January 29, 2010 08:13 pm EST

    It should be pointed out that there already a couple of CAD apps available for iPhone, both of which technically should also work on the iPad. I think the reason why both of these apps haven’t really caught on yet, is because of the small screen estate, that is offered on the iPhone. Hopefully iPad will change all that. It should also be mentioned that Unity 3D has been developed for the iPhone. iPad is going to make a very good “digital portfolio” for many architects and designers, especially when paired with software such as Unity.

    I’m very surprised that iPad doesn’t appear to have a camera. I think this is a serious oversight- especially as iPad would make a very attractive tool as a sketch and ideas pad, for creatives, visualisers etc.

  2. Your comment about Unity 3D is interesting. I wonder how Unity 3D will continue to impact the 3D professional on the Mac. As a game development platform it is really superb. As for the camera gone missing on iPad? I think in Jobs’ effort to keep this product squarely in the middle between a smartphone (communication) and a laptop (businesss/productivity) he took the camera out because it could be used for communication (video conferencing in particular) quite nicely.

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  4. Posted by:
    Tom Fenn
    February 3, 2010 03:17 pm EST

    Video conferencing? I would have thought that would have been an interesting idea (despite, I think that people dislike things like video conferencing, hence why perhaps the ‘videophone’ or AIM, never really caught on?). I don’t know? Perhaps adding a camera is a patent violation with Nokia somewhere down the line- who knows, because I think it is an ‘insanely great’ idea, but plain insane to not include one! An address book without the ability to include a photo too? Perhaps a facility will be made to sync an iPhone by bluetooth or wi-fi? I don’t know. All one can do is speculate.

  5. Posted by:
    April 13, 2010 03:13 pm EDT

    Theres a pretty decent 2D CAD application just out. Its called SitePAD and will apparently work on iPhone, iTouch and iPad. The iPad version is using the screen doubling mode but theres supposed to be a native version quite close to release. Besides does screen doubling mode actually matter when were talking about a drawing canvass?? Theres more info on their website.

  6. Posted by:
    May 9, 2010 10:28 am EDT

    Using iPad to sketch design concepts for custom homes holds a great deal of attraction for me as a residential designer. The ability to use a very portable CAD devise I can hold in my hands while on trips, waiting for an appointment, out in the field, or just relaxing in my living room is something I would personally find highly attractive. As a long time Vectorworks user, an iPad version of my favorite CAD software would be the perfect fit.

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