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Mac-using architect uses modo to build full-size LEGO Bricks House

Mac-using architect uses Luxology’s popular modo 401 to design full-scale LEGO house for TV show


One of the most popular children’s toys of all time, LEGO’s, were used in a new and innovative way when Barnaby Gunning Architects leveraged Luxology’s award-winning 3D software, modo, to model and visualize a full-size house made entirely out of the building blocks.

The house was constructed for a TV show, the BBC’s James May’s Toy Stories, where each episode focuses on the creation of ambitious projects using classic toys. Barnably Gunning, architect, used modo 401 to virtually create the LEGO house which consisted of over 3 million pieces. The house was designed in just two weeks and over 2,000 members of the general public and a dedicated team of volunteers physically constructed the house.

“modo 401 gave us a feel for the material quality of LEGOs as a large-scale building material long before we were actually able to put any of the components together,” said Gunning. “It made it easy for us to lay out exactly what we needed to build this structure and helped keep tabls on the number of bricks being used for each piece.”

To see some amazing photos of the LEGO house visit the Luxology website here.

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