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Illuminate Labs releases Turtle 5.1

Sweden’s Illuminate Labs updates Turtle for Autodesk Maya 2010 with version 5.1


Illuminate Labs of Sweden has released Turtle 5.1 for Autodesk Maya 2010. Turtle is one of the leading third-party rendering engines for the popular Maya software package. Based on the same core lighting technology, LiquidLight, as the world’s leading game lighting middleware, Beast, the brand new Turtle 5.1 includes several new features boosting productivity as well as visual quality.

“Titles like Dante’s Inferno, Dragon Age: Origins, EVE Online and God of War III prove Turtle to be a lighting tool that any Maya game studio should consider,” says Magnus Wennerholm, CEO of Illuminate Labs.

Turtle is a top notch photo-realistic rendering engine and while the software is popular in the gaming market, non-gaming clients include industrial heavy-weights like Lockheed Martin, Volvo and Sony.

To learn more about Turtle visit them here:

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