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Cheetah 3D 5.2 now uses WebKit Javascript engine

Cheetah 3D adopts WebKit Javascript Engine — same engine behind Safari’s blazing fast Javascript now powers Mac only 3D application


Cheetah 3D version 5.2 is now using the blazing fast WebKit-JavascriptCore Javascript engine, which is also used by Apple’s Safari browser. Due to the JIT compiler the execution of custom scripts should be considerably faster than in previous versions of Cheetah 3D.

A 64-bit Cheetah

The developer of Cheetah 3D is well on its way to a true 64-bit version of Cheetah 3D. The FBX SD has been updated to the latest v2010.2 version and the old QuickTime code has been replaced with the new QTKit. The upcoming 64-bit version will be free for all 5.x users.

To learn more about Cheetah 3D visit them online here.

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