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Cartographica – New Mac GIS product

New Cocoa-native Mac-based GIS program Cartographica now at version 1.1


Cartographica is a new-ish (it’s at version 1.1) Mac-based GIS application that takes advantages of the Mac’s many advanced OS capabilities, including built-in real-time search and sophisticated graphics abilities.

Cartographica can bring in data from a wide range of sources, including direct imports, geo-referenced raster data, vector data from any source (eg: CAD/GIS) and even CVS text files. Its rapid filtering search capabilities  expose the Mac OS X’s latest operating system strengths. It has direct editing capabilities  of polygons and it can merge single feature consolidated roads, GPS tracks and join polygons.

Cartographica 1.1 has layers transparency on an object-basis enabling you to create sophisticated layered maps with multiple levels of data. It supports full geo-coding and GPS device support, including those from Garmin, Magellan and others and can import data using the standard GPX file format. And for structured data, Cartographica can load data directly using ODBC (the standard for database exchange) and geocode it. This and many other features make this a pretty robust and complete GIS application. This is not the only Mac GIS application but it is excellent news for the Mac market to see another competitive offering.

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