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Tidbits: Apple 3D Head-Tracking, Live Interiors and more news

Mac CAD and 3D News: We have brief but very interesting news on an exciting new Apple 3D patent; news on Live Interiors’ latest update and a reference article on Ars that delves deeply into 3D on the Mac


Apple Explores 3D Head-Tracking Technology – Patent Shows

An interesting patent filed by Apple this week suggest the Mac maker is working to develop innovative new ways of developing the user interfaces of its operating system software. Using a technology known as “head-tracking” a sensing mechanism in a camera would be able to track the physical movements of a user and thereby adjust the image on screen to react accordingly.

The implications for 3D are awesome. From a the patent application, “Using the detected position of the user, the electronic device may use any suitable approach to transform the perspective of three-dimensional objects displayed on the display.”

You can read a good report here on AppleInsider.

Live Interiors 3D Gets Roof Creation Tools and More

BeLight’s Live Interiors 3D 2.3 update adds new capabilities such as the ability to add roofs to a project with over 200 materials. An assistant helps the user insert roofs into their project automatically, thereby bypassing complicated physical modeling steps.

There are also new foundation thickness and elevation parameters, a QuickLook support function, a new fly-around tool and more. In addition this 2.3 update fixes many bugs. The update is free for current v2.0 users or later and the company is running a discount for the holidays.

To learn more visit them here.

3D Intro on the Mac

Ars Technica’s Dave Girard is publishing a 2-part introduction to 3D on the Mac. This was a surprise to see for us that Ars folks would run such an article but we are happy to see such a good read being produced.

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