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Cheetah 3D 5.1 has new animation features

Cheetah 3D version 5.1 update adds improvements to animation, skinning, and other updates in addition to bug fixes


Cheetah 3D is now at version 5.1 and offers new animation features among a number of other improvements. New in version 5.1 is a new automatic skinning algorithm which generates almost perfect weight-maps. This makes binding a skeleton to even easier.

The timeline has been enhanced as well. It is now possible to select, move and delete keys of a whole object hierarchy and not just of the selected object. An often requested feature to copy and paste of polygon edge and point selections has been added. And memory usage has been optimized considerably, especially for large scenes with many small objects. Scenes can load up to 10x faster.

Finally, the new node based material system can now allow previews of all nodes and not just the shading nodes. Cheetah 3D 5. 1 adds these features and fixes many bugs as well. To learn more visit:

01 - New Cheetah 3D version 5.1.

01 - New Cheetah 3D version 5.1.

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