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Tidbits: Piranesi, HyperShot 10 Mac Beta and more news

Mac CAD and 3D News: We have some tidbits on HyperShot 10 Mac beta and Piranesi v5.1 plugin that supports SketchUp version 6-7. Additionally, we have news on a MacDesign post on a new Dassault Systems’ 3D iPhone application


Informatix Software International News – Piranesi Plugin for SketchUp

Earlier this fall Informatix released a plugin for SketchUp version 6 and version 7 to enable SketchUp models to be imported directly into Piranesi v5.1, the market-leading artistic rendering program. Piranesi is often referred to as Photoshop for architectural professionals.

You can see some images created by photoshop and Piranesi v5.1 here.

HyperShot 10 for Mac Beta

Bunkspeed has a beta for the Mac version of the new HyperShot 10. The user-interface (UI) has been completely redesigned for both the Mac and the PC version, making it now look and feel like a truly native application on each platform.

HyperShot 10 for Mac has been in beta for quite some time, reports the company, noting that people absolutely love it. Al Dean of Develop 3D has noted it here. To learn more visit here.

Dassault Systems’ new iPhone 3D App

MacDesign, which is a segment of Develop 3D online, has a post on Dassault Systems’ upcoming 3Dvia iPhone app. There is a video showing the forthcoming application which allows users to connect to a 3D data respository and view data and manipulate it in 3D.

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