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auto-des-sys announces bonzai 3D 2 beta 2

auto-des-sys, Inc. announces new bonzai 3D 2 beta 2 release for licensed users to test and respond to — new release offers plenty of great new features


auto-des-sys, Inc., the makers of the legendary formZ and the new bonzai 3D software have announced the new bonzai 3D 2 beta 2 release. All licensed holders of bonzai 3D are invited to beta test the new features in this latest beta. You can download it here and install with your current license number.

New in Bonzai 3D 2 beta 2

There are several new features in this latest beta 2 release. Here is a list summary:

  • Multiple object parameters in the Parameters tab of the Tool Options palette are available
  • Content groups are now embedded into project files
  • Content groups can now be edited directly in the project
  • Groups can now be edited
  • Objects can easily be isolated when working in complex models
  • NURBS curve and surface tools have been enhanced
  • Control over the color of object edges has been added

Bonzai 3D 2 beta 2 offers 3D dimensions, 3D clipping planes (non-destructive sectioning), a Walk-through tool, new NURBS tools for blending, merging, and extending curves and surfaces, overhauled printing, adjustable size of tool icons, improved view navigation workflow and more.

There are also new features in the RenderZone beta 2 plugin for bonzai 3D. There is new decal support, baked textures, partial area rendering and Sketch rendering.

The RenderZone plugin offers photorealistic rendering including global illumination and ambient occlusion. It is compatible with formZ RenderZone Plus and allows the smooth transfer of rendering information between two applications. Bonzai 3D 2 beta 2 includes a watermarked version of the RenderZone plugin.

To learn more visit them here online:

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