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T-Splines vehicular modeling webinar event

T-Splines is hosting a free Webinar on Vehicular Modeling with their latest T-Splines plugin for Rhino v2.2. Register for this mid-day event and see how T-Splines provides timesaving capabilities


T-Splines has announced a new webinar on Vehicular Modeling using the latest T-Splines plugin software technology with Rhino. The free 45-minute webinar will show you how to unlock the power of T-Splines for Rhino.

Kyle Houchens, owner of The Outside Digital Art and Design and designer of over 1000 vehicles for the toy and entertainment industries, will demonstrate techniques about how T-Splines can be a timesaving tool for adding detail to a car model.

Kyle Houchens is an authorized T-Splines trainer and will be joined by T-Splines co-founder Matt Sederberg who will introduce powerful tips for maximizing the latest release of T-Splines 2.2 for Rhino.

01 - Free Webinar on T-Splines 2.2 for Rhino focused on Vehicle Design.

01 - Free Webinar on T-Splines 2.2 for Rhino focused on Vehicle Design.

Matt will also demo solutions to “user-submitted” questions about how to use T-Splines for vehicular design. If you would like us to answer your questions you are requested to send them to T-Splines now. You can register for the free webinar here.

Where and When

The webinar takes place November 4, 2009, at 12:00pm – 12:45pm EST. Register here.

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