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T-Splines News: Seminars and More…

T-Splines has a series of T-Splines for Rhino seminars coming up this Fall. Plus other T-Splines news.


T-Splines has announced a series of T-Splines training events coming up this Fall. Users of this modeling technology plugin for programs such as Rhino and Maya can obtain further training advancing their capabilities with T-Splines. 

Courses will take place in Miami (Oct 15), Seattle (Nov 10), London (Nov 17), and Provo, Utah, (Dec 3). All of these sessions are for Rhino and T-Splines training. 

The course outline includes: 1- basic properties of T-Splines surfaces, 2- multiple approaches for modeling with T-Splines, including using an input of NURBS curves and surfaces, box modeling, and completely organic modeling, 3- How to integrate T-Splines with Rhino and NURBS in a production workflow. During the course of the training all T-Splines commands will be introduced. 

In more T-Splines news the company is pleased to point users and prospective users to a review of T-Splines for Rhino in Desktop Engineering as the “Pick of the Week.”

You can also see T-Splines in action at the IBEX Boat Show, Oct 12-14, 2009. Booth 1309. Visit T-Splines, Rhino and Orca 3D.

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