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AutoDesSys announces beta testing for Bonzai 3d 2.0

formZ’s little sister application Bonzai 3d is now stepping up to a 2.0 release soon and the company is looking for beta testers. Moreover, there is a new RenderZone plugin to bring in some high-end rendering capabilities to this SketchUp competitor


AutoDesSys Inc., (aka: auto-des-sys) has announced that there will be two beta testings coming up for all licensed Bonzai 3d users. A beta test for the upcoming Bonzai 3d 2.0 is on tap as well as a beta test for the RenderZone plugin for Bonzai 3d.

If you are a current Bonzai 3d user simply download bonzai 3d 2.0 and install it using your current license number. To download it go to: 

The Bonzai 3d 2.0 beta includes a watermarked version of the RenderZone plugin. If you are interested in serious testing and feedback of the RenderZone plugin, please send an email to [email protected] and we will provide a license code to remove the watermark and resolution restrictions. 

Current users of RenderZone as well as other rendering experts are also invited to participate in testing the new RenderZone plugin for bonzai 3d. Please contact AutoDesSys at the email just given if you fall into this category.

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