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ArchiCAD used for Ryan House: Nation’s First

ArchiCAD used to help design Ryan House, innovative multi-generational care facility in Arizona.


The nation’s first multi-generational respite and hospice facillity, the Ryan House, will provide a unique, comforting environment to support children with life-limiting conditions, while also supporting their families. Adult hospice patients will be cared for as well.

The new facility was designed in ArchiCAD by Orcutt Winslow, a Phoenix-based architectural firm, well-known in the region as a leading architectural practice and one that utilizes leading-edge software technology like Graphisoft’s BIM program ArchiCAD.

The new facility will offer palliative care in a supportive home-like setting. Pediatric palliative care is provided by a team which aims to identify and address the physical, psychological, spiritual and practical burdens of illness from a child’s perspective, treating the child holistically. “The Ryan House design reflects and supports this key objective,” said Nabil Abou-Haidar, AIA, architect and senior living studio director at Orcutt Winslow.

In addition to Orcutt Winslow’s use of ArchiCAD software, Graphisoft donated ArchiCAD software to the building contractor to facilitate collaboration with Orcutt Winslow architects and accelerate construction using a BIM model.

To learn more about ArchiCAD you can visit the Graphisoft website here.

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