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ArchiCAD 13 Webinar to feature BIM Collaboration

Graphisoft is hosting a Webinar to demonstrate the latest features of ArchiCAD 13, including its new Delta Server technology that enables BIM collaboration to happen even faster.


Graphisoft’s new ArchiCAD 13 with its new industry-first Delta Server (tm.) technology will be demonstrated in an upcoming webinar event. Participants will be introduced to ArchiCAD 13’s revolutionary new technology to share BIM products for design and documentation teams of any size, both within the office and through the Internet. 

Graphisoft’s new Delta Server technology is discussed in some detail in this feature article here. By decreasing the size of information needed to keep designer changes in sync with the BIM model on the server by approximately 100 fold, Graphisoft’s new Delta Server technology enables BIM project teams to collaborate from just about anywhere in the world with each other over the Internet. The robust technology to allow such collaboration makes in-office collaboration even faster. 

Beyond speed and collaboration, ArchiCAD 13 is filled with numerous new features and improvements which will also be addressed. 

Event Details

October 7, 2009. 3:00pm – 4:00pm EST. You can register here for free.

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