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Graphisoft revolutionizes BIM Collaboration with ArchiCAD 13

Mac stalwart CAD software developer, Graphisoft of Hungary, announces ArchiCAD 13 with breakthrough BIM Server software to dramatically improve teamwork functionality. The new Delta Server technology (patent pending) offers a new paradigm for file sharing within a BIM process, enabling anywhere anytime access to BIM information.


Graphisoft today announced ArchiCAD 13, the latest version of its award-winning architectural design software, which now includes a new state-of-the-art, patent-pending BIM Server technology. This breakthrough technology introduces a new paradigm in how shared data is handled amongst BIM participants (users), affectively breaking existing barriers to teamwork collaboration. 

“With the rapidly growing adoption of building information modeling, architectural firms have reached scalability limits with their model-based design and documentation workflow,” said Miklos Szovenyi-Lux, Vice President of Product Management at Graphisoft. “To overcome these limits, ArchiCAD 13 with Delta Server Technology introduces design teams to an unprecedented level of accessibility and management of BIM projects. With ArchiCAD 13, the physical location and distribution of your workforce becomes almost immaterial, benefitting both small practices and large, distributed firms.”

ArchiCAD 13 and its new Delta Server Technology(tm.)

ArchiCAD 13 introduces unique leading-edge technologies that revolutionize design file sharing and deliver mission critical productivity improvements for the design and documentation workflow. 

New in this version of ArchiCAD 13 is the new and included Graphisoft BIM Server, a first of its kind solution for on-demand access rights management an project access for teams of any size, both within the office and over the Internet in remote geographies. The new Graphisoft BIM Server solves common challenges for large BIM teams which often run into bottlenecks in:

  • model accessibility
  • access rights and management
  • element control and sharing
  • workflow management
  • performance, reliability and safety of data

ArchiCAD 13 introduces revolutionary new Delta Server Technology which dramatically decreases network traffic so team members can collaborate on BIM models in real time. That same technology makes BIM projects accessible through standard Internet connections from virtually anywhere in the world. 

Graphisoft’s new Delta Server Technology is built on an internally developed relational-database model which works on saving the “delta only” or “changes” taking place by BIM participants rather than syncing the entire BIM model at various times during the design process and team members progress with their work.

The new BIM Server technology dramatically increases speed and performance when working with BIM models in a teamwork environment. Long waiting times for server synchronization are a thing of the past. Also data corruption due to network and hardware failure are greatly diminished due to the BIM Server’s robust system architecture. 

While the key new feature in Graphisoft’s ArchiCAD 13 is the new BIM Server with Delta Server technology and how it revolutionizes teamwork capabilities, the product introduces other improvements and new features including:

  • numerous productivity improvements
  • annotated scheduled drawings – door and windows can be annotated associatively directly in the Interactive Schedule window
  • oriented views – now plans can be rotated allowing diagonal wings to be edited naturally
  • Intelligent “Soft” Insulation – the ability to model soft insulation in a 3D BIM model while fulfilling 2D documentation requirements
  • improved object handling
  • DWG enhancements
  • Data Exchange with Engineers – ArchiCAD 13 supports the classification of BIM elements as either load-bearing or non-load-bearing, for more accurate export to programs used by engineers
  • 64-bit support for Windows platforms (Mac 64-bit is in progress….)

ArchiCAD 13 with its new BIM Server technologies will be available for shipping in mid-September with a very compact schedule to bring all 26 local versions to market in the fall season. 

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