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Cheetah 3D 4.7 released, Snow Leopard compatible

Germany’s Cheetah 3D version 4.7 is the latest update to this popular Mac OS X only 3D program and is compatible with Snow Leopard.


Cheetah 3D version 4.7 was released this week and is Snow Leopard compatible. This latest update not only fixes bugs running under previous beta versions of Snow Leopard but has minor feature enhancements. 

The bugs eliminated in version 4.7 specifically under Snow Leopard are:

  • fixed texture import bug
  • fixed render manager bug
  • fixed crashing render bug
  • fixed bug when rendering resolutions not dividable by 8
Other feature improvements include faster calculation of materials in preview renders. This will aid users with their workflow by providing a quicker workflow. The frame buffer has also been optimized so that it uses less memory. 
Other improvements are very minor and consist of minor bug fixes. You can download and try out a demo of Cheetah 3D 4.7 here now. 
To learn more about Cheetah 3D 4.7 go here

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