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Mac-stalwart Graphisoft makes quantum leap in BIM/CAD

Laiserin report discusses upcoming ArchiCAD 13 with its revolutionary new Teamwork 2.0 and the new Graphisoft BIM Server.


Hungarian-based Graphisoft, a longtime Mac stalwart software developer and one of the powerhouses of 3D CAD in the architecture industry is set to make a quantum leap later this year with its upcoming ArchiCAD 13. The original pioneer in the concept of the “virtual building”, Graphisoft today is a leader in BIM (building information modeling) and will be introducing its new Teamwork 2.0 as part of ArchiCAD 13 and the new Graphisoft BIM Server. 

According to an exclusive report by Jerry Laiserin, an industry analyst in the AEC software industry, Graphisoft’s new Teamwork 2.0 will revolutionize the BIM and Integrated Project Delivery workflow in a way that no other BIM software provider has yet managed to do. 

The company, as part of its new Teamwork 2.0, will introduce the Graphisoft BIM Server. This server will run an all-new, highly optimized and highly granular relational-database. Full details of the new products are explained in detail in Jerry Laiserin’s report here: “Next-Gen BIM: Graphisoft Teamwork 2.0 will revolutionize BIM/IPD workflow and collaboration.”

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    July 28, 2009 07:22 am EST

    So while we wait for Nemetschek to catch up Graphisoft makes leaps and bounds. Not sure I can take much more of this.

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