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LightWorks Design releases LightWorks 8.1

LightWork Design of the United Kingdom has released version 8.1 of LightWorks — the company’s leading rendering kernel technology.


The world’s leading supplier of rendering solution software technology for integration by ISV’s (independent software vendors) has announced the latest release of LightWorks, version 8.1. LightWorks technology is a key rendering technology used in dozens of Mac CAD and 3D software, from IMSI-Design’s TurboCAD and visualization software to the popular Vectorworks to the industrial strength MCAD/PLM software Siemens NX 6 for Mac. 

Focus of Version 8.1

The main focus of this latest 8.1 update is the development of the LightWorks Real-Time rendering product, alongside some improvements to EPix output. 

New functionality includes soft shadows and shadow catching in the real-time rendering functionality using programmable shading. Programmable shading itself is now supported for several more LightWorks material shaders, for example multilayer paints and leathers. This gives real-time results which are closer to the software implementation. 

Additionally, version 8.1 includes better EPix output with new support for EPix with anti-aliasing for more defined and accurate rendering. 

David Forrester, Managing Director at LightWorks commented: “We appreciate that globally, many companies are experiencing difficult economic times at the moment and we want to help our customers to increase the value of their products. The release of LightWorks 8.1 comes quickly after the release of LightWorks 8.0 as we have accelerated our development plans to bring new functionality to our customers even more quickly.”

LightWorks customers are already seeing the benefits of these product advancements:  Roland Roeder, PTC GmbH commented: “The real-time shadow catcher support in 8.1 is great news for us and the leather shaders work really well!  We’re also finding that the added support for real-time soft shadows is making a big difference when we use LightWorks real-time rendering.”

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