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SU Podium Beta for SketchUp updated to 1.7

SU Podium Beta 1.7 released – new update features Blurred Reflections options, improvements and bug fixes.


SU Podium Beta has been updated to version 1.7. The new rendering plugin for Google’s SketchUp modeling application adds new features and improves stability. 

New items include Blurred Reflections. With Blurred Reflections you assign reflections to a face or faces that are blurred. With SU Podium’s “normal” reflections, faces will directly reflect surrounding geometry and textures. If however you apply blurred reflections to a face the reflections will be subtle and less “glossy”. This new feature can help you soften reflections on objects whose materials are less glossy but still highly reflective. 

Podium 1.7 includes Podium Wizard, which has two functions. One function is to check the SketchUp model for the number of reflective faces, lights (LEM) and omni lights that exist in the model. The other function is to reset the model so that all reflective faces, LEDs, and omni lights are deleted from the model. This beta update for SU Podium 1.7 is for Windows only but the Mac version will be coming shortly. 

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