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solidThinking to host at CAAD Futures 2009 conference

solidThinking to host innovative and free workshop at CAAD Futures 2009 in Montreal, Canada. “Computational Inspiration and Exploration” participants will be given a free 3-month license of solidThinking software.


Architects and product designers are in constant search of inspiration. 

Nature has always been a source of inspiration, and particularly biological forms. While biological forms tend to be aesthetically interesting, they also tend to be efficient and highly functional because they are the product of environmental pressures. 

Today, new technologies enable architects and product designers to simulate some of the processes and physical laws in nature with software algorithms, thus helping to generate forms in response to environmental stimuli. 

solidThinking Workshop at CAAD Futures 2009

solidThinking will be hosting a free half-day workshop that will describe and demonstrate practical and visual examples of exciting new methods for architects and product designers to generate and explore biological forms that are aesthetically pleasing, often unexpected, and at the same time well adapted to their intended purpose. Each participant should bring their own laptop. 

Attendees at this workshop will be granted a 3-month license to solidThinking.

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