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Piranesi upgrade path closes for old versions

Informatix of the United Kingdom is advising all Piranesi users to upgrade before July 31, 2009, as the company is discontinuing all upgrade paths for older versions of the software.


In order to stay current with their technology, Informatix, the developers of Piranesi, are informing customers that they must update to version 5.x before July 31, 2009, as the company will discontinue all upgrade paths for previous versions of their award-winning software. 

Piranesi is currently at version 5.1 and runs on both Mac and Windows. The innovative illustration and visualization program is touted as Photoshop for architects and allows the importation of 3D rendered views into it from a host of common and top-flight rendering programs. From within Piranesi architects and design visualization professionals can add entourage, modify colors, and create specialized rendering effects. 

To learn more about Piranesi go here now:

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