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Luxology develops modo assets / training web site

Luxology develops modo user Web Portal — features assets and content download and upload for users.


Luxology has developed a participatory content-sharing web portal and learning resource for its modo users and 3D artists. Users are now able to upload and download Presets of all kinds as well as exchange associated usage tips and techniques with other artists. 

Introduced concurrently with the recently released modo 401, the custom-developed Web site provides modo artists with an easily accessible online resource for content re-utilization. Asset types include modo Presets and surface materials, 3D meshes, profile curves, animation assemblies and professionally designed lighting environments, which can all be utilized in modo 401. Users can upload their images and other assets to the site so that other users can utilize them. 

“With this new sharing mechanism, we are offering modo users the collective talent, experience and creative output of the entire modo user base,” said Brad Peebler, president and co-founder of Luxology.

“I’ve already found the asset sharing site to be a fantastic resource,” says Yazan Malkosh, a 3D artist and modo 401 beta tester. “Browsing the assets currently available online, including various materials, environments, meshes, assemblies and profiles, is very motivational.”

To learn more visit Luxology online at:

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