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LEDAS ports its Driving Dimension Plugin for Mac SketchUp

Russian LEDAS Ltd, has announced the availability of a native Mac version of the popular Driving Dimensions plugin for Google SketchUp after porting their LGS software technologies to the Mac OS X platform.


LEDAS Limited of Russia has announced the new Driving Dimension plugin for the Mac version of Google’s SketchUp. The company also reports that there have been over 10,000 downloads of the plugin for the Windows version. Version 1.1 of Driving Dimensions now serves both Windows and Mac versions of the free and Pro versions of SketchUp. 

Version 1.1 Features

This latest version introduces new abilities, including the ability to drive dimensions between geometric objects included into one group. Enhancements of the graphical user interface include a new toolbar button that simplifies the access to the online help and improved usability when selecting two dimension arguments with a mouse. 

Version 1.1 adds native Mac OS X support after porting LGS, a variational geometric solver developed by LEDAS, to Mac OS X. 

“In our work we were seriously inspired by the constantly growing user base of our Driving Dimensions plugin for SketchUp,” said Dmitry Ushakov, Director of Product Management for LEDAS. “In less than eight months after we released a first public beta, about 10,000 SketchUp users from 125 countries downloaded it from our website. With its growing popularity [the] Mac OS X platform attracts more and more attention to CAD developers. We are excited to offer advanced parametrization tools integrated with a popular free 3D modeling software on the Mac.”

A free version of Driving Dimensions 1.1 for SketchUp 6 and 7 for Windows or Mac can be downloaded here:

There is also a Pro version of Driving Dimensions which retails 45.USD. To learn more visit them online here.

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