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Graphisoft EcoDesigner starts shipping

Graphisoft ships EcoDesigner on schedule. The company announced the new energy analysis software for ArchiCAD 12 back in early May at the AIA show. The new software plugin allows architects an easy but powerful way to evaluate their building design’s from the point of view of energy consumption.


Graphisoft EcoDesigner has begun shipping today. The new software was unveiled at the AIA National Convention and Exhibition back in early May and was covered in detail here on Architosh during that event. (see this detailed report). 

Graphisoft EcoDesigner is an integrated energy evaluation tool specifically aimed at architects using ArchiCAD 12. It sets new standards in integrating easy to use but powerful energy analysis tools within BIM (building information modeling) software tools, which are the 3D modern-day CAD systems architects have been slowly adopting for the past several years. Now architects do not have to rely solely on outside consultant professionals to analyze their building designs early in the design process. 

“Graphisoft EcoDesigner has generated great interest among architects at the 2009 AIA convention in San Francisco and continuously thereafter,” said Akos Pfemeter, Director of Graphisoft Global Marketing. “Designers welcome this integrated ‘one-click’ energy evaluation solution that helps them make informed design decisions even at early design phases.”  

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