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Bonzai 3D is now released and available for download

auto-des-sys, Inc., announces immediate availability for Bonzai 3D, with easy to get download trial software.

auto-des-sys, Inc., has announced yesterday that their new SketchUp rival modeling application, Bonzai 3D, is finally available for download and purchase. A trial version of the of the innovative new software application can be downloaded here. 

Bonzai 3D was shown and released in an special introductory offer at the AIA National Convention this past May. Lachmi Khemlani of and Kenneth Wong of Desktop Engineering both gave positive nods to the new application after seeing it at AIA. 

VISIONELLsm  Partners with Bonzai 3D

Two brand new products have teamed up with revolutionizing the way people buy homes and real estate agents sell them. Transforming Architecture LLC is launching a new concept in VISIONSELLsm, a product for architects that will facilitate real estate sales by helping buyers visualize how they can turn an “ugly duckling bargain” into their dream home with the help of Bonzai 3D. Bonzai 3D is the software of choice with VISIONSELLsm to engage architects with home buyers. Side by side, architects can offer design solutions that prospective buyers can see immediately. These ideas may include an addition, floor plan alteration or even raising the roof. 

After evaluating several different software applications for the task, Karen Pitsley, AIA, President of Transforming Architecture, and the mastermind behind VISIONSELLsm, selected Bonzai 3D. 

Bonzai 3D Workshop – First in World to be held in Dubai

The first Bonzai 3D workshop will be held in Dubai at the United Arab Emirates and will be run by Maher El-Khaldi, of Shape Architecture Practice+Research. The dates are from June 19-21, 2009. To participate visit this site:

To learn more about Bonzai 3D go here.

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