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Finland’s Econia Business Park designed in ArchiCAD

Finland’s Biggest Ecological Business Park has been designed using Graphisoft’s ArchiCAD Building Information Modeling software application.


Finnish architects Tom Cederqvist and Vesa Jantti, the two young principals behind C&J Architects, have designed the new Econia Business Park using Graphisoft’s ArchiCAD BIM application, the world’s most production-proven building information modeling 3D CAD application. The Econia Business Park is a state-of-the-Art ecologically efficient development planned for Aviapolis, Vantaa, the fastest growing business district in the greater Helsinki metro area. 

“In Econia, ecology is high-tech,” states Tom Cederqvist of C&J Architects. “The principles of sustainable development and ecology were taken into account in locating the building, which features solar panels on the facade, thermal comfort, and ecologically friendly operation.”

Econia comprises four seven-storey office blocks all linked together horizontally, thereby allowing flexible tenant space configurations. The building’s facade include solar panels integrated into the aesthetic parameters of the building’s form. 

For such a large project the firm, C&J Architects is quite small consisting of 15 designers and back-office staff. They use ArchiCAD in all of their projects and work across several European countries including Finland (their base of operations) and Russia, Estonia, Lithuania, Latvia and the Ukraine. 

To learn more about Graphisoft ArchiCAD go here.

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