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Sweden’s Turtle Renderer Turns 5!

Illuminate Labs updates Turtle Rendering Plugin for Maya to version 5.0. New rendering technology, based on proprietary LiquidLight technology, provides state-of-the-art rendering for game developers.


Illuminate Labs AB, of Gothenburg, Sweden, has announced this month the fifth generation of its Turtle rendering technology for Autodesk Maya. Turtle 5 brings substantial improvements to its capabilities thanks to a new, redesigned global illumination engine and algorithm improvements. It also fully supports Autodesk Maya 2009. 

Turtle 5

A new redesigned user interface streamlines the unified workflow for easier handling of applying surface transfers and texture/vertex baking. Performance has been heavily optimized throughout Turtle 5, especially for global illumination calculations, which together with a new adaptive anti-aliasing scheme allows for superfast previews as well as very high quality images. 

“We are very happy to see the result of Turtle lighting in titles like Gran Turismo, Mass Effect, Killzone 2 and Tomb Raider Underworld” says Magnus Wennerholm, chief executive officer of Illuminate Labs. “Turtle 5 raise the bar even further, setting a new standard for pre-computed lighting.”

Turtle, its product for Autodesk Maya, is the only product on the market that combines advanced rendering technology with sophisticated baking functionality in one integrated toolset.

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