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Tidbits: RealCADD, CoreMelt, KnowledgeMinor (yX)

Mac CAD and 3D News: We have tidbits on RealCADD, news on some GPU-accelerated motion effects plugins for VFX artists and visual editors, plus KnowledgeMinor news.


RealCADD Not To Be Forgotten

Often many users interested in affordable professional-grade CAD programs on the Mac overlook this French-made program. RealCADD is currently at version 4.07 and one of its primary distinguishing features is that it is produced from the REALBasic programing environment. It is Mac Universal and cross-platform and works also on Windows XP and Linux. RealCADD also supports RBScript which enables the end-user to create their own tools. The Standard version of RealCADD is 95.USD while the Professional version is 135.USD. To learn more visit them here.

CoreMelt GPU Accelerated Plugins for Apple Motion, Final Cut…

CoreMelt released the new V2 Range of GPU accelerated products for image effects for motion artists. There are 180 GPU accelerated plugins that work with Apple’s Final Cut Pro, Final Cut Express, Apple Motion and After Effects CS3/CS4. Running on the Second Generation vTwin FX Engine, these new effects are highly optimized to tap your GPU’s power. To learn more go here.

KnowledgeMinor (yX) for Excel

We were interested to learn about this new Mac product for Mac Excel users. KnowledgeMinor (yX) in partnership with Intel and Microsoft has released a major new data mining application for the Mac. 

KnowledgeMinor (yX) takes advantage of multi-core processors on your Mac and extreme parallelization to achieve data mining speeds more than 600 times faster then previously. Frank Lemke, the creator said, “Speed is always a big factor in data mining. Our previous product KnowledgeMiner was quite remarkable but (yX) for Excel amazed even us with its speed. We want to thank Microsoft and Intel for their help in developing this product”. (yX) is one of very few applications that currently take advantage of multiple cores on the Mac and the only Mac data mining application to do so.

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