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Tidbits: HyperShot 1.9, CineForm, 3D Invigorator

Mac CAD and 3D News: We have news coming out of NAB 2009. New items include CineForm’s new Neo3D for Final Cut Pro, 3D Invigorator for Adobe Photoshop and Bunkspeed news about a webinar preview event for HyperShot 1.9.


Bunkspeed to preview HyperShot 1.9

Bunkspeed will be previewing its next great update, HyperShot 1.9 in a webinar on April 9. The webinar will showcase the new features in version 1.9 and talk about performance and usability. It will also touch on lighting, and texturing and decaling. Space is limited so register here now.

CineForm – Industry’s First 3D Editorial Workflow for Final Cut Pro

CineForm’s Neo3D is a new software post production tool that enables Final Cut Pro users to edit 3D projects in real time with full frame rate playback to an external 3D monitor. Traditionally, 3D projects are edited in 2D as independent Left and Right eyes, for final 3D conform. CineForm’s Neo3D simplifies this process. The product was introduced at NAB 2009 this week. To learn more go here.

3D Invigorator Plugin for Photoshop

Digital Anarchy and Zaxwerks have jointly announced a new 3D tool for Adobe’s popular image editing program Adobe Photoshop. The 3D Invigorator plugin enables the creation of 3D art from within Photoshop through the use of Adobe Illustrator outlines or text and from Photoshop text. To learn more go here.

3D Invigorator for Adobe Photoshop - a new plugin.

3D Invigorator for Adobe Photoshop - a new plugin.

3D Invigorator supports multiple rendering formats, including raytracing, wireframe and flat shading, among others. The product includes over 100 material presets enabling users to apply shaders to objects enabling them to be reflective, transparent, colored and sculpted. From within Photoshop you can rotate objects in 3D space and apply an unlimited number of lights within that 3D space to illuminate your objects. Go here to learn more.

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