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ParaCloud GEM arrives on the Mac

Generative Design Comes to the Mac with new ParaCloud GEM 2.0 for Mac. New product works on Intel-only Mac computers and can work with Google SketchUp, Maya, Blender, Rhino OS X and more.


GEM for Macintosh is finally here, proclaims the company. ParaCloud GEM 2.0 is now available for Mac OS X. The Generative Mesh Software enables complex, free-form, rule-based 3D modeling useful to a wide variety of creative and technical disciplines, including architecture, civil and structural engineering, environmental and industrial design and many other fields. 

GEM 2.0 for Mac (Intel only)

GEM 2.0 for Mac is a new release that now works with Intel-based Macs (see screen shots below), and includes many new features, making Generative Design (GD) easy and accessible to all users. The software works with SketchUp Pro, Rhino OS X, Autodesk Maya for Mac, Blender for Mac and any 3D software supporting OBJ format. A single professional user license is 795.USD. 

ParaCloud GEM 2.0 includes new mesh modeling features, including subdivision tools for designing and controlling your surface patterns. The SubD’s can be applied to face selection sets enhancing the control you gain over the mess. 

New rule-based offset methods are introduced in this release enabling the control of the offset section by “proximity” from target points, by height, and by distance from a focus point. 

The new GEM population engine handles up to 10 components. The population assignment is controlled using a color index face map. And the new GEM 2.0 features include a smart population pattern for generating rule-based patterns by proximity from targets, height or random selection. 

To learn more about ParaCloud GEM 2.0 for Mac go here.

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