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Neatworkz – System design for Mac/Windows

Neatworkz offers new choice for systems designers on Vectorworks. Powerful and streamlined tool for various systems design.


Neatworkz is a suite of software “plugins” for the cross-platform CAD program Vectorworks that extend its capabilities to assist in the design and documentation of systems and networks. The workflow of systems design has several design phases and Neatworkz turns Vectorworks into a streamlined solution for system design. 

Neatworkz distributes a rich set of tools that provide a high-degree of automation while placing the minimum constraints and restrictions on the designer. Drawings can begin life as vaque ideas and take shape and become more involved and resolved as work progresses. 

Neatworkz - Add-on systems design tool for Vectorworks.

Neatworkz - Add-on systems design tool for Vectorworks.

Neatworkz is based on an open system design principle, making drawings both human and machine readable. Nothing is hidden, all data is stored in the drawing and can inspected and modified using standard Vectorworks commands. 

A series of movies demonstrate the application here. You can tour the application interface with this interactive web page here. Neatworkz is priced at 250.euros.

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