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ICS offering new Cadimage Tools for ArchiCAD 12

Integrated CADD Systems introduces New Zealand’s Cadimage Tools for ArchiCAD 12.


Integrated CADD Services of Cambridge, Massachusetts, is introducing Suites by Cadimage Tools, an innovative third-party ArchiCAD software developer out of New Zealand. Cadimage Tools was a 2007 spin off of Graphisoft New Zealand (formerly Cadimage Solutions) and began ArchiCAD development in 1999. The company works very closely with Graphisoft Budapest and has over 30 sales and distribution partners worldwide — of which ICS is a member. 

Cadimage Tools for ArchiCAD 12

Cadimage Tools is a series of third-party design tools for ArchiCAD 12 and consist of four product suites. The Design Suite consists of tools that produce richer design models and feature things like comprehensive door and window style managers, creators and editors. Such tools also cover a comprehensive system for stair design and cabinetry. Lastly, in this suite there is a large array of cladding accessories to use on walls, roofs, slabs and columns. 

The Structural Suite allows you to quickly and accurately model the structure of your building using versatile beams, columns, rafters, purlins and frames. This suite helps you produce wall framing and is fully integrated into the 3D Profiler, which allows Profile to be used with the structural components. 

Documentation Suite includes the tools you need to produce the absolute best documentation for your project. There are advanced keynoting tools, revision management and a suite of Rapid Details so you’ll never have to draw again. 

The Landscape Suite is aimed at landscape professionals and delves into plant selection, furniture, fences, and outdoor essentials. 

To learn more about Cadimage Tools visit there website here:

To purchase their software in the US visit the CAD Garage site here.

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