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COFES 2009 Starts Today: Architosh will report “tweets” of interest

Architosh to report COFES 2009 Tweet Action.


The 2009 Congress on the Future of Engineering Software (COFES) is underway in sunny Arizona at the Scottsdale Plaza Resort. An invite-only event, the boutique-sized conference is a whose-who of the CAD and engineering software world. Architosh’s own editor-in-chief, Anthony Frausto-Robledo has attended in the past to get in on the latest buzz coming out of the engineering software world.  This year however he will be covering the National AIA Conference and Convention in San Francisco later in the month. That won’t stop him from getting in on what’s happening live at COFES however. Thanks to Twitter and Architosh’s twitter page he’ll be reporting interesting tweets coming from the COFES show this weekend. 

You can get in on COFES twitter action by following some key individuals listed below:

  • @randallnewton – EIC
  • @stavanja – Acting EIC of
  • @joeltweet – COFES co-founder
  • @bradholtz – COFES co-founder
To learn more about COFES 2009 visit here.

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