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Autodesk puts out new survey on Mac version of AutoCAD

Autodesk seems more interested than ever in gauging interest in Mac users about a native version of AutoCAD.


Readers have been informing us of a new survey from Autodesk that can be found for subscribers logging into Autodesk websites. As we mentioned back at January’s Macworld Conference and Expo in San Francisco, the company’s complexion towards the Mac has been changing dramatically of the course of the past year.

Next Generation Products for OS X

The new survey asks those interested to help Autodesk shape next generation Autodesk products for Apple’s OS X operating system. The survey is particularly aimed at gauging interest in a new version of AutoCAD. 

Readers have commented that they feel Autodesk should be asking about Revit instead, but after looking at the survey questions ourselves it is clear that Autodesk is gauging interest in AutoCAD on the Mac across a broad array of industries, not just Architecture. In particular we feel that the company is looking at the broad array of 2D CAD users out there who likely are not ready or just not candidates to move into the world of 3D CAD. 

Reader Comments

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    April 8, 2009 02:36 pm EST

    I took Autodesk’s survey. After 25 years with AutoCAD, I am transitioning from AutoCAD and Revit Architecture, which I love, to ArchiCAD and Vectorworks solely because they run in Mac OS. Autodesk can keep me if they move fast to support the Mac platform with full-featured programs. Watered down AutoCAD Lite won’t cut it. I’ve got to get off ugly, buggy, sluggy Windows.

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