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Welcome to v3.0! – New Features now at version 3.0 offers powerful filter-based search of over 7000 building codes and standards for the design and construction industry professional. Works online with both Mac and PC and even can be accessible via Apple’s iPhone via the Safari web browser.

Advertisement launched version 3.0 of their online building codes and standards web service. The new service, which works on both Mac and PC computers as well as functions on an Apple iPhone under Safari, has been updated with new features such as the creation of personal book groups for your projects and new “interactive filtering” during search to help you find what you are looking for faster. 

With v3.0 you can search 7000 codes and standards in less than one second over a high-speed internet connection. You can browse easily through state codes under the Local tab in the interface and new in this version is that amendments are listed for each local code as well as linked to URL sources outside the web service interface. v3.0 offers search of over 7000 building codes and standards. v3.0 offers search of over 7000 building codes and standards.

Under the Products tab users can browse 10,000 manufacturers listed under the CSI (construction specification institute) format. 

To access you purchase a subscription to what the company calls iPubs. You can create a custom eLibrary subscription to the codes and standards of your choice and there are packages for individuals and companies. 

To learn more visit them at:

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