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Tidbits: SynthEyes at Cineversity, NAB, Ayam news

SynthEyes for 64-bit OS X now available, plus SynthEyes in C4D training site, plus NAB SynthEyes attendance; also news of updates to Ayam and Aqsis open-source modeling and rendering projects working under the RenderMan standard.


SynthEyes News

InBrief: Josh Johnson has a new class on SynthEyes, Cinema 4D and AfterEffects at MAXON’s Cineversity. Also the 64-bit version of SynthEyes for Mac OS X is available for purchase or just to demo. Lastly, SynthEyes maker Andersson Technologies LLC will be at NAB 2009 in Las Vegas, April 18-23 in booth #SL7406. To learn more go here.

Ayam and Aqsis News

Ayam is a free 3D modeling environment for the RenderMan interface, distributed under the BSD license. This means that neither the author or any contributor makes any money out of the software. The current version is 1.15.1 and was released 4 Dec 2008. Ayam runs on Linux, IRIX, FreeBSD, Mac OS X and Windows. 

The latest news is last month the shader parsing plugin (syslx) has been updated for Aqsis 1.4.2 on Mac OS X. In addition there is now a script (useaqsisap.tcl) that helps using Aqsis directly from the app-structure of the official Mac OS X Aqsis distribution. Learn more here. 

Aqsis is an open source 3D rendering solution adhering to the RenderMan standard and it runs on multiple operating systems including Linux, Mac OS X and Windows. This tool was updated for Mac OS X 21 Jan 2009, currently at version 1.4.2 Mac OS X.

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