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Tidbits: Bonzai 3D, Apple and Bentley news

Mac CAD and 3D News: We have some brief news items on Bonzai 3D, the new tool from auto-des-sys, the makers of formZ, plus a blurb on Apple beating all top-brand workstation makers to Intel’s Nehalem Xeon chips, and news of Bentley’s cancelled user conference.


Bonzai 3D Beta Extension – New Training Vids

The formZ folks have sent out an email to all Bonzai 3D beta users and testers notifying them of several items. Firstly, the response to Bonzai 3D has been “inspiring” writes the Bonzai 3d team. Secondly, the beta build has been advanced and there is a new beta version to download. It comes with another 30-day expiration so you have another month to play with this latest build. 

The formZ folks are working hard to improve stability and respond to feedback. They have also released new introductory videos that demonstrate how key features of Bonzai 3D operate. Such videos are accessible via the program itself by clicking on the Help menu item. They are also here on the Web. To download the latest Bonzai 3D beta go here.

Apple Beats Everyone to Nehalem

As we noted in our report this week on Architosh Apple has new Mac Pros with Intel’s next generation (Nehalem) Xeon processors. And as a blog post over at DEVELOP3D notes, how Apple got this out so early when even Intel hasn’t announced this chips is anybody’s guess. Clearly Apple and Intel have some secrets in the works that allowed Apple to get at least a minimum of one month advantage on shipping Nehalem-class workstations. 

Economy Hits Bentley Conference

This report on TenLinks notes that Bentley has cancelled its annual user confab, citing restricted budgets that prevent users from traveling and “an unprecedented economic environment.” The company now looks to be planning a virtual Web-based presentation of some sort, similar to what Autodesk just held for the press.

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