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Mac 3D: Bunkspeed announces HyperShot 1.8

HyperShot 1.8 from Bunkspeed adds dozens of cool new features and even plugin support for SolidWorks and SketchUp users.


HyperShot 1.8 is the most significant update since the product’s introduction at COFES 2007. Architosh was there inside the Apple suite (see pictures of the app here running on the then state-of-the-art Octal-core Mac Pro workstation) and remembers the phenomal rendering power and ease-of-use.

New in hyperShot 1.8

This new version introduces all new texture mapping and decaling which will make the placement of textures and logos on any non-transparent material even easier than before. Other great new features include:

  • Retain Materials upon import (from other apps the materials remain)
  • New Interactive Dials in the UI
  • Remove all geometry from the scene
  • New SolidWorks plugin (PC only)
  • New SketchUp 7 plugin (Mac/PC)
  • FBX support (Mac/PC)
To learn more visit this page:

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