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Luxology announces new COLLADA plugin for modo 401

Luxology LLC introduces new COLLADA plugin for upcoming modo 401.


California-based Luxology LLC, the makers of modo 3D software have announced a new customized COLLADA plugin for the soon to be released modo 401. The plugin will enable both import of COLLADA files and exportation from modo 401. modo users will easily be able to preserve key attributes of their mode creations for file export and even round-trip manipulations in complex 3D pipelines.

The company will be demonstrating its new plugin at GDC 2009 Chalk Talk session titled, “New COLLADA I/O Plugin for modo 401.” Presented by Luxology’s David Vasquez, the session will take place at the Intel Visual Adrenaline Lounge from 1:30 p.m. – 2:00 p.m. on Thursday, March 26.

“There should be no barriers between different applications in a 3D workflow,” says Brad Peebler, president and founder of Luxology. “With our new COLLADA support, modo users will enjoy a transparent workflow that allows them to preserve crucial attributes of 3D files both into and out of modo.”

COLLADA is an open-source, XML-based file format for 3D content creation tools and forms a rival exchange format to Autodesk’s FBX. It is widely used in streamlining mixed-application 3D workflows (also known as pipelines in the VFX industry). 

To learn more visit Luxology here.

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