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Elliott Animation games up using Craft Animation Tools

Elliott Animation uses Craft Animation and Gamecaster tools to save up to $600,000 on virtual camera shots for animation series for children.


Toronto-based Elliott Animation has broken through to new heights of productivity on their new animated children’s series “Rollbots” using Craft Animation AB and Gamecaster tools. 

A $600,000 Savings

Craft Camera Tools for GCS3 completely eliminates the time-consuming and costly process of traditional keyframing of virtual cameras in 3D animated scenes. 

“We estimate that completing these complex shots traditionally would have added an additional $600,000 in costs to the production,” says George Elliott, president of Elliott Animation. “By using Craft Camera Tools for GCS3, we were able to keep the intricate camerawork in the show while staying within our budget.”

Mixing Craft Animations’ Craft Camera Tools software with Gamecaster’s patented GCS3 virtual camera control hardware creates a superior bundle for this type of process.

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