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TweakerSoft Has Released New VectorDesigner 1.4.11

VectorDesigner 1.4.11 is a simple and powerful drawing application. Now updated to support Apple’s Safari 4 beta.


The new Version 1.4.11 has many improvements such that it runs smoother on both Intel and PowerPC processors. For the first time it is also compatible with Safari 4.0 beta and improves SVG import. By leveraging the full capabilities of Quartz and Core Image, VectorDesigner retains the feel of traditional applications and features a wide assortment of tools, including smart shapes, rectangles, ovals, rounded rectangle, polygons, stars, bezier creation and editing, as well as raster to bezier conversion.

By using intersection boolean tools, shapes can be combined in any way desired. Text can be even fitted inside a shape or along a path preserving all text editing capability of Mac OS X. Textures are even linked up to a Flickr browser, which allows you to search for an image or texture by tags or color, downloading them directly inside the document. All filters and compositions can be applied non-destructively to shapes and images so there is room for experimentation.

The requirements are Mac OS X version 10.4 or higher, Universal Binary for PowerPC and Intel, G4, G5 or Intel Processor. VectorDesigner 1.4.6 is priced at USA $69.95. For more information or to download it yourself visit:

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