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Log Home Industry has a New 3D CAD Tool

Finally there is an add-on for ArchiCAD that incorporates BIM (Building Information Modeling) with the particular design of Log Homes.


On Feb. 2, 2009, it was announced that ArchiLogs Log Home Add-On was available for ArchiCAD 12. It was developed by Micro Aided Design Ltd. for log home designers, manufacturers, and dealers like ICS (Integrated CADD Services) where you can acquire it. The ArchiLog enhances ArchiCAD’s functionality for the log home industry by adding log-specific construction tools and objects. ArchiLog enables log home designers to customize ArchiLog to their proprietary design solutions and patented details. ArchiLog also includes the ability to enable CNC code printing.

ArchiLog is powered by Graphisoft ArchiCAD 12. ArchiLog enables users to produce the same high-quality renderings as if log home design were any other type of architectural style designed on ArchiCAD. 

“ArchiLogs is an industry-specific BIM tool that will help log home builders create more accurate models and visualizations resulting in better designs and faster sales,” explains Greg Conyngham, President of ICS. “It’s a much-needed alternative to expensive customized applications. And because ArchiLogs is based on the ArchiCAD Virtual Building™ model, builders and manufacturers can feel confident that they are using the fastest, most flexible design solution in the market today.” 

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