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ConceptDraw Office Updated – New Features

The entire ConceptDraw Office suite gets an update.

Each product that comprises ConceptDraw Office such as ConceptDraw MINDMAP, ConceptDraw PRO and ConceptDraw PROJECT are being updated and improved with new features.

ConceptDraw MINDMAP adds a new Full Screen mode, making it easier to present mind maps during meetings and still maintain full editing capability. Another new feature is that hyperlinks can be added by dragging-and-dropping a file on a topic. This makes it easier to manage all project-related documentation and sources. Hyperlinks can be made automatically and they are accurately organized around related topics. 

ConceptDraw MINDMAP has a new feature which makes it easy to share map content with other project team members who do not have the ConceptDraw MINDMAP application installed. When MINDMAP users send mind maps via email, a PNG format attachment is automatically generated and attached to the email message. 

ConceptDraw PROJECT’s new update includes additional visual reports to help project managers follow and control everyday activities and project progress. Project and task status can be rapidly be presented in a visua, easy to understand manner. 

ConceptDraw PRO update features new content, libraries for the Transport Industry, and professional themes that have been added to build high quality graphics and presentations. 

The new update is available for all registered users of ConceptDraw Office version 1. Existing customers of any of the three applications that make up ConceptDraw Office may purchase the newest version of ConceptDraw Office as an upgrade.

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