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PanzerCAD releases Camera Match 2009 for Vectorworks

Camera Match 2009 plugin updated for popular Vectorworks 2009 product line – plugin enables precise alignment of 3D models in Vectorworks to existing photographs.


Nemetschek North America has announced that PanzerCAD has upgraded its Camera Match plugin to be compatible with the Vectorworks 2009 product line. This tool allows Vectorworks users to quickly and accurately align a 3D view to an existing photograph. 

PanzerCAD’s Camera Match 2009

“I’m excited about the features in this upgrade,” says Matt Panzer, president of PanzerCAD Services, Inc. “There’s a new Camera Match masking object which allows users to mask out parts of the model by simply drawing a polygon shape over the rendered image. When masked objects are placed in a viewport’s annotation space, they will automatically take on the background image; this allows designers to save a lot of time in their design process, as they will no longer need to use an image editing program to perform many masking tasks.”

Camera Match 2009 for Vectorworks 2009 product line.

Camera Match 2009 for Vectorworks 2009 product line.

Other key features in Camera Match 2009 include anti-aliasing for mask objects, which blend the edges of the mask with the rendered model, as well as a more streamlined workflow that automates render background creation. 

Version 2009 of Camera Match is free to all 2008 version users. And it can be downloaded from Localized German and Italian versions should be released soon. A new license of Camera Match 2009 cost $100.USD.

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