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AutoDesSys, Inc. releases Bonzai 3D public beta

FormZ creator, AutoDesSys, has released a free public beta of their long-awaited SketchUp competitor in easy-to-use, explicit modeling – complete with NURBS curves and surfaces and Smart 3D drawing.


AutoDesSys, Inc. has announced the launch of their long-awaited bonzai 3D public beta. “We bring to the industry a 3D application based on what we learnt since our company pioneered 3D in the 80’s, input from users, current trends in our industry, and the natural evolution of software and hardware,” said Chris Yessios, president of AutoDesSys. 

bonzai 3D public beta

Architosh spoke with Chris Yessios at AIA National 2008 when the company was showing an earlier beta of Bonzai 3D — along with formZ — to the architectural industry’s largest conference. At that time Chris Yessios said they admired the SketchUp team because they delivered innovation to the area of interface design in 3D, making it dramatically easier and more approachable to model in 3D with little training. 

However, Bonzai 3D will bring both the ease-of-use of SketchUp combined with the underlying power and solids-modeling robustness of formZ — one of the industry’s most respected and advanced 3D modeling programs. 

Bonzai 3D will eventually sell at an introductory price of $499.USD. It is a self-teaching program which means, based on conversations we have had with Chris Yessios, that there are copious amounts of video tutorials combined with a rich, interactive help system.

You can learn more and download a copy of the public beta here:

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